Imagga Technologies Ltd. (Imagga) is a pioneer and a global innovator in the image and video recognition as a service space. The company has been offering its cloud API since 2014 and its on-premise solution since 2015.

The technologies behind these products have been in active development since 2012. Our content recognition solutions are currently used by over 22,000 developers and 200 businesses worldwide and has received multiple worldwide awards and recognition such as Best Technology Vendor at South Summit ’15 by HM The King of Spain, Global Champion in News and Media at World Summit Awards ’16 by the United Nations, and Global Innovator in Image Analytics ’16 by IDC, among others and as one of the most precise out-of-the-box solutions worldwide outperforming competitors like Google Cloud Vision and Amazon Rekognition based on an independent technology evaluation by a reputable Israeli university. The company is operating out of Sofia, Bulgaria and Seoul, South Korea, and has sales agents in the US and UK. As a leading global provider of AI deep learning-based technologies for automated image and video recognition, classification and tagging, we have dedicated our time, energy, and mind space to our mission – to provide the most powerful and precise set of technologies that enable businesses to derive value out of the image content they manage and provide the best and safest possible experience to their users. Better internal workflows and automation, better insights, better user experience and critical safety for the end users.

We are currently a team of 13 experts with diversified backgrounds in software architecture & development, Machine Learning, AI, marketing, finance and product management. We have recently identified the great and urgent need of many big, medium and small User-Generated Content (UGC) platforms to moderate their evergrowing flow of visual content, and a major opportunity for us to help them in this endeavour. The image recognition and computer vision A.I. technologies we have developed over the years, which are already actively used by our customers around the world in various industries and applications, give us the confidence that we can solve this problem in a fully or semi-automated way much better than any other company in the world can.

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