We are INSIKT Intelligence – experts in Social Media mining and Artificial Intelligence powered data analytics on all digital sources, with over a decade of experience in research and development. Our passion is building easy to use yet scientifically complex investigative tools to help Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) gain vitalintelligence on online crime.

We have developed a number of solutions in order to help detect and combat online crime, including Law Enforcement Training courses, to help police and other interested parties improve and acquire mastery of efficient, powerful techniques for extracting information from large datasets such as social networks, socialgraphs, large document repositories, and other online sources.

At INSIKT Intelligence, we aim to combine rigorous analysis methodologies, powered by proprietary AI, with the newest cutting-edge techniques for classifying and analyzing Social Media and other digital data.

Through our technology we collect and analyze massive amounts of data to help Law Enforcement and Investigative Professionals detect suspicious content, powered by Artificial Intelligence methods, Data Mining, Text Mining with Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Big Data Analysis, and Social Network Analysis (Network Science) in order to leverage cutting edge algorithms to surface hidden insights and cut through the noise to effectively neutralize and prevent terror, crime and cyber threats.

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