Malta Information Technology Law Association (MITLA)

MITLA is a non-governmental organisation that groups professionals, including lawyers, working in industries
that depend on or are based on IT Law. It aims can be summed up as follows:

  • To promote the advancement and development of information technology law, including but not solely limited to computer law, internet law, electronic communications law, information law, electronic commerce law, remote gaming law and cybercrime (collectively ‘ICT Law’) in Malta and the advancement of Malta and an international centre of excellence in ICT Law;
  • To actively research, discuss and circulate information on legal development taking place on theinternational plane and within the European Union with respect to ICT Law and the knowledge economy;
  • To promote with international and regional organisations or associations and other national government and non-government bodies legislative and regulatory changes related to ICT Law and to consider together with these entities proposals for legislative interventions having the same aim;
  • To afford opportunities for discussion and consideration of matters of interest to members of the Association and to undertake or assist in the preparation of legal instruments and papers in respect of such matters; and
  • To collect and circulate statistical and other information of interest to the members of the Association and to form a collection of publications and documents accessible to members of the Association.
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