Bulgaria Hosts CounteR Project’s Fifth Technical Meeting

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On September 26-28 2023, the CounteR consortium will gather in Sofia, Bulgaria for the project’s fifth technical meeting and the second piloting session.

The meeting’s purpose is to review the status of the project, the current and the upcoming tasks, as well as the upcoming deliverables that the consortium partners will be drafting and submitting.

The busy agenda for the first day of the technical meeting includes sessions on six work packages (WPs), which will be led by the consortium partners in charge of the respective WP:

  • WP10 (Management): AST;
  • WP2 (Social and Psychological Factors in the Radicalisation Process): UCSC;
  • WP3 (Data Acquisition & Management) with a focus on improvements added to the data collectors: CINI;
  • WP4 (Data Analytics for Detecting Radical Content) with a focus on image and of social network analysis: INRIA, IMG, ELTE;
  • WP5 (Data Modelling Ecosystem) with a focus on semantic reasoning and insight correlation engine’s integration, deep reinforcement learning, and network algorithms for automated removal of illicit content: ELTE, INS, IMG; and
  • WP6 (Integration) with a focus on services and a demo of the CounteR platform’s current version and the software testing: AST, ICON.

The technical meeting’s second day will start with ETI and MITLA leading a session on data privacy and ethics requirements (WP7) with a focus on the social impact assessment and the recommendations on data anonymization and minimisation. Next, INS and NOVA will present latest updates on the end-user training sessions, the field demonstrations, and the system’s deployment, part of WP8 (End-user Training & Knowledge Empowerment & Pilots). Also, NOVA will provide updates on the dataset creation for the pilot testing, while EI and MITLA will lead a session on business exploitation, IPR management, and messaging for CounteR’s public promotion. At the end of the second day, there will be two private meetings on pilots planning and deployment and on the pilots’ detailed evaluation report.

Day Three will be about the piloting session and will be entirely dedicated to the CounteR software tool’s overview, training and familiarisation. The technical partners will provide hands-on exercises and guided practice sessions for participants to become familiar with the tool’s functionalities, exploring various features and settings of the tool, and showcasing user manuals, documentation, and online resources for reference. INS will introduce the latest test scenarios and datasets specifically designed to evaluate the tool’s performance. The piloting session will include facilitated group discussion to share individual experiences and observations, identifying additional improvements for the software tool, as well as summarizing the key findings, feedback, and recommendations from the testing session.

The project’s previous technical meeting was held in June in Milan and was hosted by UCSC.

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