CounteR and UCSC to Hold a Conference on Terrorism Risk Assessment Instruments

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CounteR Project’s consortium partner, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC), or Sacred Heart Catholic University, will conduct an international conference, entitled Terrorism Risk Assessment Instruments on 14-15 March 2024 in Milan.

The event, which is part of the project’s public activities, will serve as an important opportunity to reflect on the tools used to identify the risk of terrorism and intercept the pathways of radicalisation.

Prof. Marco Lombardi will deliver the opening remarks, followed by a round table on findings and perspectives from the Horizon Europe-funded CounteR Project with the participation of Dr. Barbara Lucini, Prof. Carlo Galimberti, Prof. Simone Tosoni and Dr. Ilaria Vergine, all representing the UCSC.

The afternoon round-table discussion will be dedicated to radicalisation, extremism and the EU research projects. Chaired by Dr. Lucini, the discussion will feature Prof. Francesco Antonelli from the University of Rome-3, Prof. Liana Daher from the University of Catania and Dr. Massimo Cozzolino from the Italian Islamic Confederation. The topics of discussion will include the risk assessment of extremism, the subjectivities in local conflicts, and the TRA-Is and religious extremism.

The second day of the conference will begin with a keynote speech, delivered by Prof. Kevin McDonald from the Middlesex University in the UK.

The conclusive panel discussion will be on TRA-Is and the emerging threats. A particular focus will be places on the main TRA-Is in use by security forces and national agencies. Participants will share their field research experiences. Panellists include Dr. Maria Mirada from INSIKT Intelligence (INS), Prof. Darko Trifunovic from the Serbian INIS Institute, Dr. Violet Baert from CUTA, Belgium, and others. Speakers from LEAs will be representatives of the Hellenic National Police, the HFoD in Bavaria, and the Portuguese Police (PJ).

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