CounteR Conducted its Third General Meeting in Romania

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On 25-26 April 2024, ASSIST Software (AST) convened representatives of the CounteR consortium to the project’s third general meeting in Suceava (Romania).

This meeting – the final in the CounteR’s lifetime – provided an opportunity for partners to review the project implementation throughout the three years, including the achievements, overall impact, and challenges, stressing on the collaborative research aimed at enhancing digital security and curbing online radicalisation.

Each work package was presented with an overview of the undertaken work and results, highlighting the extent to which the pre-established key performance indicators (KPIs) were met. Additionally, the consortium further discussed potential enhancements required to elevate the project’s technology readiness level (TRL) from 6 to 8, emphasizing the importance of advancing the developed solutions toward practical implementation and widespread adoption.

Participants shared insights into lessons learned throughout the project lifecycle. Drawing from the insights gained during the project implementation phase and the extensive exploration of security issues, partners formulated policy recommendations for the European Commission. These suggestions underscored the importance of sustaining support and investment in similar initiatives to enhance digital security.

The conclusion of the CounteR project marks a significant step in the ongoing efforts to provide law-enforcement institutions and internet service-providers with advanced tech tools to counter radicalisation and terrorism. Moving forward, the consortium remains committed to advancing research and developing investigative capabilities of LEAs to fight online crime and terrorism, deploy relevant counter measures, and impede the spread of radical networks.

Additional information about the event is available on AST’s website.

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