CounteR to Hold its 6-th Technical Meeting and 4-th Piloting in Lisbon

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Following a successful webinar on large language models, the CounteR Project team will gather for its sixth technical meeting in Lisbon, Portugal.

The meeting will be hosted on 6-8 February 2024 by the Portuguese Police PJ and will be combined with a piloting session for the CounteR Platform – the fourth such pilot since the project’s onset.

Partners will review the status of the CouteR project across the work packages (WPs) with a focus on data acquisition and management, data analytics for detecting radical content online, data modelling ecosystem, integration, and data privacy. During the meeting, AST and ICON will provide technical details of each service and will conduct a demo of the current CounteR platform version.

The project partners, led by INS and NOVA, will discuss user training and pilot planning, stressing on outcomes of the previous pilots and the remaining steps to be completed. Next, EI and MITLA will facilitate a brainstorming session on CounteR’s exploitation plan.

The second day will be dedicated to the pilot. Participants, including the advisory board, will be walked through the system’s new features and the technical and ethical requirements for evaluation. Next, LEAs will be involved in a guided testing and an exercise that will allow them to test all the features of the software tools.

During the last day, the partners will summarise and analyse the results and evaluate the tool’s effectiveness in detecting radical content and will provide recommendations on further improvements.

CounteR’s previous, fifth technical meeting was conducted in September 2023 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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