EI and INRIA to Attend PopAI Project’s Final Event in Brussels

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CounteR Project’s consortium representatives from EI and INRIA will attend the final event of one of CounteR’s sister project – popAI – on September 19, 2023, in Brussels.

The conference, entitled “Towards a European AI Hub for LEAs Supporting the Ethical Use of AI in Policing” will gather various stakeholders, including members of the EU Security Research cluster on AI (SU-AI), sibling projects ALIGNER and  STARLIGHT, as well as representatives of the entire ecosystem.

The event will present popAI results in terms of policy recommendations, multi-disciplinary best practices, ethics toolbox, fore-sighting and roadmap for the ethical use of AI in civil security. On its agenda are multi-disciplinary panel discussions and presentations, in line with popAI’s exploitation activities. Find out more about the activity in this publication from popAI’s website.

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