In Spring 2024, Counter Platform’s Version 3.0 Will be Released

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On 6-8 February 2024, the Portuguese Police – Polícia Judiciária (PJ) – hosted the CounteR Project’s sixth technical meeting and fourth pilot session in Lisbon.

Representatives of the nineteen organisations that comprise the CounteR consortium reviewed the new technical features and functionalities of the CounteR Platform – this is the project’s milestone result: a sophisticated tool that provides a technology-driven approach for identifying and countering radical content and the spread of extremist ideologies online.

In Lisbon, the LEAs actively participated in a guided testing exercise for the software tool. The testing was completed successfully: the partners assessed the tool’s effectiveness and provided recommendations on further refining the system. The tech partners provided detailed answers to the questions that the LEA representatives asked. Several suggestions for further improvements were brought to the backlog and will be prioritised for the tool’s third version. The schedule for the last project meetings and testing sessions was confirmed. As a result, partners agreed that the system’s third version and its components will be released and deployed both through cloud-based infrastructure and in the premises of the LEAs in April.

During the event, partners reviewed the status of the CouteR project per work package (WP) and evaluated the progress achieved since the fifth technical meeting in 2023. The WPs covered included: Data Acquisition & Management, Data Analytics for Detecting Radical Content, Data Modelling Ecosystem, Integration, Data Privacy & Ethics Requirements, User Training and Pilots Planning, and Dissemination, Ecosystem Development & Exploitation. In particular, the participants brainstormed about the policy recommendations that CounteR will submit to the European Commission (EC) at the project’s completion. The consortium also discussed the process of requesting patents in view of CounteR’s future commercial exploitation. Partners reported that the development of their intellectual property rights (IPR) plans is in progress and this task is due to be completed in March.

Following the meeting in Lisbon, the consortium representatives wrapped up the findings in an online session and fine-tuned the next steps in project implementation.

With support by the European Union through the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, the CounteR Solution will assist law-enforcement agencies (LEAs), Internet service-providers (ISPs) and other organisations in the fight against radicalisation and terrorism, serving as an early-warning tool for the detection of potential radical content.

Coming up in 2024 are Pilot 4 and the testing with external stakeholders, tentatively scheduled for the end of March. Those interested in attending CounteR Platform’s Beta Test can subscribe through this link

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