Issue #5 of Counter’s Newsletter Features BGP and Our Research Publications

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CounteR Project Newsletter’s Issue #5 is now released and its full text is available here.

The newsletter offers an in-depth interview with Chief Inspector Minko Pondev, a representative of the Bulgarian National Police General Directorate – one of the six LEAs that participate in CounteR’s consortium. in addition, Issue #5 provides insights from the “Ethical and Legal Aspects of AI for Law Enforcement” conference, held January in Brussels, which was attended by a representative of the project’s partners.

Notably, this edition of CounteR’s newsletter launches a series of presentations of the thematic research publications, authored by renown scientists and experts from our consortium. Yet more scientific publications will be showcased in the following editions.

The editorial team of EI looks forward to readers’ feedback through CounteR’s LinkedIn Cluster Group. Join the group now and share your thoughts!

In case you’ve missed the previous issues of the CounteR newsletter, they can be found here: Issue #4, Issue #3, Issue #2, and Issue #1.

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