MITLA and ICON Host CounteR’s Autumn Technical Meeting in Malta

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CounteR Project’s third technical meeting is taking place in Valetta/Malta on September 28-29, 2022. The meeting that brings together representatives of the consortium partners is hosted by MITLA together with ICON.

The partners are reviewing the status of the work with a focus on current tasks. The participants are also planning ahead and discussing the upcoming project deliverables to be submitted by Month 18.

Mirroring the format of the past technical meeting, held in Paris in June, the presentations and updates by partners are organized per work package (WP).

Tip: CounteR’s work packages are presented here.

On the technical meeting’s first day, CounteR’s UCSC representatives briefed the group about the progress achieved and the upcoming tasks, related to the analysis of radicalization ecosystems both online and offline and the radicalization taxonomy and ontology, part of WP2/Social and Psychological Factors in the Radicalization Process. Next, CINI partners provided an overview of the collection of open and dark and deep web data – a key component of WP3/Data Acquisition and Management; while INRIA, IMG, and ELTE focused on WP4/Data Analytics for Detecting Radical Content‘s data understanding and preparation, the basic features and transfer learning regarding the NLP analysis, and image and social networks analyses.

Day One’s last topic was about WP5/Data Modelling Ecosystem: ELTE, INS and IMG provided an overview of progress on the tasks – in particular, semantic reasoning and insight correlation engine, deep reinforcement learning, and network algorithms for automated removal of illicit content.

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The CounteR autumn meeting’s second day started with WP6/Backend, Frontend and Infrastructure. AST presented the technical details of each service, related to integration, including a demo of the current CounteR flow, a presentation of the cloud, and the on – premise deployment specifications. Next, ETI and MITLA briefed the group about progress on WP7/Data Privacy and Ethics Requirements with an overview of data minimization and pseudonymization in the CounteR system.

The following module included updates by NOVA and INS on WP8/End-User Training and Knowledge Empowerment and Pilots – details about the methodology, roadmap and end-user contributions were provided. Consortium members discussed the training content and the calendar of training sessions and field demonstrations.

The meeting’s conclusive segment, dedicated to WP9/Dissemination, Ecosystem Development and Exploitation, included an overview by MITLA and EI on the IPR management and strategic IP protection, as well as the upcoming joint task for developing CounteR’s business exploitation plan.

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