Video Interview: EU-Funded Projects That Conduct Radicalization Research Should Collaborate More Intensively

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Professor Marco Lombardi from UCSC gave a video interview for one of CounteR’s sister projects –  PARTICIPATION. He was among the special guests of the project’s regional workshop in Catania.

In this video, available in YouTube, Professor Lombardi also elaborated on how violent extremism and terrorism can be prevented in our societies and used the opportunity to present CounteR’s mission, objectives, and key results.

The UCSC expert explained the importance of collaboration among EU-funded projects in researching radicalization and violent extremism. Collaboration between EU-funded projects enables cross-fertilization in the research to find new solutions to tackling one of the most pressing challenges of our time, Lombardi pointed out.

For further reference, check out the December 2021 interview with Marco Lombardi for CounteR’s newsletter.

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