CounteR – countering radicalisation for a safer world

Privacy-first situational awareness platform for violent terrorism and crime prediction, counter radicalisation and citizen protection

Privacy-First Situational Awareness Platform for Violent Terrorism and Crime Prediction, Counter Radicalisation and Citizen Protec­tion project will develop and deploy an integrated situational awareness sys­tem that will identify radical content online – informal groupings of radical­isers and vulnerable individuals with potential to be radicalised.

Under this project, an open platform for analysis and early alert – the Count­eR solution – will be launched, collecting and analysing data from dispersed sources in order to predict critical communities at risk of radicalisation and violent extremism and aid law enforcement to detect radicalisation processes more easily. The CounteR solution’s ultimate goal is to provide law enforce­ment agencies (LEAs), Internet providers, and social media platforms with an early-warning tool to be used in the detection of radical content online for preventing the spread of radicalisation and, ultimately, life-threatening terrorist attacks. At the same time, CounteR will preserve the content’s pri­vacy protection and data anonymization. The system aims at supporting the fight against organised crime and terrorism threats and at fostering informa­tion-sharing and collaboration between diverse European agencies in charge of countering radical propaganda, fundraising, recruitment, and planning of terrorist acts.

Group of people in a counter terrorism situation room
The project will develop and deploy an integrated situational awareness sys­tem that will identify radical content online

The CounteR project aims at achieving four main objectives

Objective 1
Integrate and homogenize disparate real-time and static data sources to analyse them for detecting radical and terrorist-related content.

Objective 2
Integrate the analysis technologies with expert knowledge in order to develop models.

Objective 3
Hands-on involvement of a wide range of European law-enforce­ment agencies (LEAs) to guarantee high impact in the fight against terrorism.

Objective 4
Aggressive dissemination of the project results in order to achieve maximum sector (LEA) uptake and market excitement.

The CounteR project is designed across ten work packages (WPs), and a specific consortium member is the lead for each WP:

Systems Specifications and Architecture: INS Intelligence S.L. – Spain

Social and Psychological Factors in Radicalization Process: Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Italy

Data Acquisition and Management: Consorzio Ineruniversitario Nazionale per l’Informatica – Italy

Data Analytics for Detecting Radical Content: Institut national de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique – France

Data Modelling Ecosystem: Eötvös Loránd University – Hungary

Backend, Frontend and Infrastructure: ASSIST Software SRL – Romania

Data Privacy and Ethics Requirements: ERC Research and Consulting – Spain

End-Used Training and Knowledge Empowerment and Pilots: INS Intelligence S.L. – Spain

Dissemination, Ecosystem Development and Exploitation: European Institute Foundation – Bulgaria

BManagement: ASSIST Software SRL – Romania

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