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An academic research network focused on researching the prevalence, contours, functions, and impacts of Violent Online Political Extremism and responses to it.


It develops automated data mining, analytics solutions and an integrated system to detect, retrieve and analyse complex terrorist-related multimedia content and radicalisation


It develops a terrorism intelligence platform for LEAs to provide them with fast and reliable information on early prevention of terror related activities, radicalisation and recruitment


It covers a wide range of social media channels, in particular new channels such as Telegram and Periscope, which are increasingly used by terrorist groups to disseminate their content


It aims to improve existing knowledge of the recruitment processes for organised crime and terrorist networks through an innovative integration between social and computational sciences


It promotes the importance of terror victims and former terrorists playing a positive role in preventing radicalisation


A network of frontline or grassroots practitioners from around Europe who work daily with people who have already been radicalised, or who are vulnerable to radicalisation


Creates models built to better cater for the unexpected; from stock market pricing to the true cost of a country joining and leaving the EU


Develops a sustainable framework for Community Policing that effectively addresses and promotes seamless collaboration between the police and the community


CREST’s overall objective is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of LEAs intelligence, operation, and investigation capabilities, through the automated detection, identification, assessment, fusion, and correlation of evidence acquired from heterogeneous multimodal data streams. Such data streams include (but are not limited to) Surface/Deep/Dark Web and social media sources and interactions, IoT-enabled devices (including wearable sensors), surveillance cameras (static, wearable, or mounted on UxVs), and seized devices and hard disks.

CREST will achieve this objective by developing an innovative prediction, prevention, operation, and investigation platform that will build upon the concept of multidimensional integration and correlation of heterogeneous multimodal data streams and delivery of pertinent information to different stakeholders in an interactive manner tailored to their needs.


The cyberspace is increasingly used as a medium to illegally fund, recruit, train, and incite individuals against European social and democratic ideals. Behavioural radicalisation online, desensitisation and demoralisation are to be considered as the driving force in the genesis of online criminal attitudes, belief systems, and psychological attributes that move towards accepting, supporting and instigating terrorism.

The core aim of the PROPHETS project is to examine the process of behavioural radicalisation online and how it leads to hate speech, terrorist financing, terrorist-generated content, terrorist recruitment and training.PROPHETS focuses on understanding the process of behavioural radicalisation and addresses the relational dynamics between radical behaviours and the following four key areas, namely – online terrorist-related hate speech,  online terrorist-generated content,  online recruitment and training of terrorism, online financing of terrorism.

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