National Police General Directorate at the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria (BGP)

Bulgarian National Police General Directorate (BGP) is a national specialized operative, security and control structure for prevention, investigation and detection of crimes (with the exception of those related to organized criminal activity), and for the protection of public order.

The police officers of BGP collect, process, systematize, use and provide information organized in automated information funds, systems or registers created by law, for the implementation of their powers in the field of activity; carry out interaction and information exchange with other state bodies and organizations under conditions and order, provided by law; involve and interact with citizens and non-governmental organizations in order to establish partnership and cooperation in solving problems of security and public order; develop methodological guidelines and programs for prevention, interception, detection and investigation of serious crimes.

BGP organizes, coordinates and controls the activity of the regional directorates of the Ministry of Interior on prevention, interception, detection and investigation of crimes and anti-social acts.

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