UCSC – Founded in 1921, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) is the largest private university in Europe with 12 Faculties, 5 campuses across Italy (Milan, Rome, Piacenza, Cremona and Brescia), 80 specialized research labs, 2000 faculty members, and about 43.000 students of which nearly 1850 are international students.

Research activity draws on 1272 tenured researchers, 30 institutes, 35 departments, 87 research centres, 5 university centres and 10 spin-offs and is aimed towards the study and understanding of crucial issues of life and society: new frontiers in economics and bioethics, changes in the field of law, family and cultural trends, mass media, changes in political systems, aims and goals of medicine, technological applications of mathematics and physics, and the most recent discoveries in environmental research. UCSC boasts strong industrial and institutional ties that facilitate networking at national and international level, as well as collaborations in groundbreaking research projects, which generated about 4.500 scientific publications over the last year particularly in the fields of science innovations, environment and sustainability, and health.

UCSC is highly engaged in carrying out multidisciplinary research project both at national and international level. The annual average of research funds is 30M Euro, coming from UCSC own funds (10%), national grants and international grants (45%) and funds from applied research with private and public, national and international entities (45%).

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