Final Evaluation of the CounteR Solution by End-Users

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In the last two weeks of April 2024, end-users of the CounteR Project including law enforcement bodies and internet service-providers successfully conducted their final evaluation of the CounteR solution. The CounteR Platform is the project’s milestone result – a sophisticated tool that provides a technology-driven approach for identifying and countering radical content and the spread of extremist ideologies online in multiple languages.

As a result of this activity, coordinated by Insikt Intelligence (INS),  CounteR demonstrated solid potential even though the project’s current technology readiness level (TRL) is six. The solution sets the foundations that can pave the way for a higher TRL, which will include further development, so that CounteR can reach its full-scale operational effectiveness.

Earlier in April, the CounteR team conducted a virtual test session with external stakeholders, while the previous pilot session was hosted in February 2024.

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